MUNDIAEREO proudly presents:

The 1973 Cessna Citation 500, a pioneering light business jet manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company, embodies a remarkable fusion of performance and versatility. Equipped with twin Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbofan engines, this six-seat aircraft boasts impressive capabilities, cruising at speeds of up to 380 knots (704 km/h) with a range exceeding 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 km). Its sleek design and advanced avionics offer a comfortable and efficient flying experience, making it a popular choice among both private owners and corporate operators. The Citation 500’s spacious cabin, featuring luxurious seating arrangements and ample amenities, ensures passenger comfort on long-haul journeys. Renowned for its reliability and ease of operation, this iconic aircraft has left an enduring mark on the business aviation landscape, setting a standard for performance and comfort in its class.


Serial Number 0081

Registration D-IECI

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