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The Cessna 402C is a light twin-engine aircraft that was designed and built by Cessna Aircraft Company. It was first introduced in 1978 as an upgraded version of the Cessna 402B, which was itself a development of the Cessna 402.

One of the most significant features of the 402C is its ability to operate in a variety of roles, including executive transport, commuter airline service, cargo transport, and air ambulance operations. It has a maximum seating capacity of nine passengers and a range of up to 1,285 nautical miles, depending on its configuration and payload.

Another notable feature of the Cessna 402C is its reliable and efficient performance. It is powered by two 300-horsepower Continental engines, which provide a cruising speed of 210 knots and a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet. The aircraft also has a low operating cost, making it a popular choice for small commercial operators and private owners alike.


Total Time Since New: 6472 Hours






Time Since New: Time Since Overhaul: Time Remaining : Date of Overhaul:


TSIO 520VB Continental

Left Right

1600 Hours 1600 Hours

2720.4 Hours 6472.8 Hours

1003.8 Hours 1003.8 Hours

596.2 Hours 596.2 Hours

18/12/2002 18/12/2002


Propeller McCauley 3AF32C505


Time Since Midlife: Time Since Overhaul: Time Remaining:

Aircraft Features Left Right

2000 Hours 2000 Hours

72.2 Hours 72.2 Hours

183.9 Hours 183.9 Hours

1816.1 Hours 1816.1 Hours


Air conditioning System: Fully ducted to each seat

Cabin heating system: Fully ducted to entire cabin

Flap enhancement Systems: Robertson’s STOL Fully Integrated wing and fowler flap



Audio Panel 1 Bendix King KMA 24

Comm 1 Bendix King KY 196

Nav/Comm 1 Bendix King KY 156

R Nov 1 Bendix King KNS 81

Transponder 2 Bendix King KT76

Auto Pilot 1 S Tec 55X

GPS 1 Garmin 155XL

ADF 2 Bendix King KR87A

Weather Radar 1 Bendix King Colour radar

ELT 1 Artex G406-4 




Interior Refurbished in 2014

Seating: Tan-color imported Italian leather upholstery with armrest and headrests Executive tables: 2x Walnut wood paneled, with cup holders.

Heat shields: Full set of custom heat shields for all windows.

Carpeting: Oatmeal-colored fireproof wool carpets and plastic-covered second set of carpets Bar: Walnut wood paneled and fully curtained system for privacy Entertainment System: JVC remote-controlled CD System

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