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The 1985 Conquest I is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed by Cessna Aircraft Company. The Conquest I is known for its reliability, efficiency, and versatility, making it a popular choice for various missions, including executive transportation, air ambulance, and cargo hauling. It features a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to eight passengers and a range of up to 1,500 nautical miles, allowing it to travel long distances with ease. The Conquest I remains a popular choice for many private and commercial operators today, particularly those looking for a reliable and cost-effective turboprop aircraft.


Blackhawk XP135A

3652 HSN


Serial Number: PZ0056


ADF: Sperry 1000

Altimeter: Dual Sperry EA-801A (encoding) Autopilot: Sperry 1000 IFCS

Comms: Garmin GNS-530

Compass: Sperry C-14D

DME: Sperry 1000

Flight Director: Sperry 1000 IFCS GPS: Avidyne; Garmin GNS-530 HSI: Sperry RD-450R

Nays: Garmin GNS-530

Radar Altimeter: Sperry AA-300 RMI

Stormscope: BFGoodrich WX-10A TAWS: Garmin GNS-530 Class B TCAS: BFGoodrich Skywatch SKY-497 Transponder: Garmin GTX-330

Weather Radar: Bendix RDR-160 (color)

Avidyne FlightMax EX-500 MFD Traffic, Terrain & XM Weather Data

PS Engineering PMA-7000 Audio Panel Sperry AA-801A altitude alerter

Pilot IVSI

Shadin ADC-2000 Fuel Flow / Air Data Computer Copilot Instrument Panel

Dual Fuel Counters, Flight Hour Recorder, Electric Torque Indicating System, WAAS

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