The 2007 IBIS (Input/Output Buffer Information Specification) specification, also known as IBIS-AMI (IBIS Algorithmic Modeling Interface), introduced a new feature called MAGIC (Modeling Accuracy Guidelines for IBIS Compliance).

MAGIC is a methodology that provides guidelines for ensuring accurate and consistent IBIS-AMI models across different EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools and different vendors. It includes a set of recommended guidelines for modeling high-speed serial links and for characterizing the associated channel impairments, such as crosstalk, jitter, and noise.

The purpose of MAGIC is to improve the accuracy and predictability of IBIS-AMI models, which are widely used in the design and simulation of high-speed digital interfaces, such as PCI Express, DDR3, and USB. By following the MAGIC guidelines, designers can ensure that their IBIS-AMI models accurately capture the real-world behavior of the system, which can lead to better design decisions and reduced time-to-market.

AIRFRAME: 624.7 Total Hours

Engine /Make/Model: Rotax 912ULS

Serial Number: N/A

50 SINCE NEW (2010) Engine TBO: 2000

Prop /Make/Model:

Prop Manufacturer Woodcomp Prop Serial Number: N/A

Prop Model KW-21

Prop Overhaul Time: N/A

Numbers of Blades 3


AVIONICS: All analog instruments


Overall White with Blue Stripes. The general condition is very good.


Numbers of seats is 2

The general condition is very good.

Inspection/MX Status: All inspections ok and up to Date.

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