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One of the unique features of the Sling 4 is its construction. The aircraft is built using a lightweight aluminum airframe and composite materials, which makes it both strong and lightweight. This design allows the Sling 4 to be both fuel-efficient and capable of carrying a significant payload.

The Sling 4 also features a spacious cabin with four seats and ample luggage space. The aircraft has a modern avionics system with a glass cockpit and advanced navigation and communication equipment, making it suitable for both VFR and IFR flight.

In addition to its impressive design, the Sling 4 has a remarkable performance. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 914 turbocharged engine, which produces up to 115 horsepower. The Sling 4 has a maximum speed of 160 knots (185 mph) and a range of up to 800 nautical miles, making it ideal for long-distance flights.

Overall, the Sling 4 is an excellent aircraft that combines performance, efficiency, and versatility, making it a popular choice for pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.


Total Time: 327.8


Engine Manufacturer: Rotax 914 UL

Total Time Since Ovehaul 327.8



Prop Manufacturer: HUB Time Since New: Airmaster Whirlwind 327.8



Radio 1-Garmin GTR 200

Radio 2-Garmin GTR 20

Intercom Garmin-GMA 245

EFIS 1-Garmin GDU 460

EFIS 2-Garmin G5

Transponder-Garmin GTX 35R

GPS Antenna-Garmin GA 56

EMS-Garmin GEA 24

AHRS-Garmin GSU 25

Outside Temperature-Garmin GTP 59 Flap Trim Controller MGL SP10



Navigation and strobe wing lights Outside Temperature-Garmin GTP 59 Pitot Tube-Garmin GAP 26


Beige leather


White and silver with blue Striping

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