Fairchild Dornier 328 Series: Versatility and Reliability

Welcome to Mundiaereo Aircraft, your trusted source for top-quality aircraft. We're excited to introduce you to the remarkable Fairchild Dornier 328 series, featuring the 110 and 120 models. With their proven track record, innovative design, and outstanding performance, these aircraft are the perfect choice for various aviation needs.

1993 Fairchild Dornier 328-110: Pioneering Excellence

The 1993 Fairchild Dornier 328-110 holds a special place in aviation history as a true pioneer in regional aviation. This model revolutionized short-haul flights by introducing exceptional fuel efficiency and a spacious cabin layout. With the ability to comfortably accommodate both passengers and cargo, the 328-110 quickly became a favorite among regional airlines and charter services alike.

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and efficient engines, the 328-110 ensures a smooth and reliable flight experience. Its cutting-edge technology enhances pilot control and navigation, contributing to safer and more efficient operations. With a range that covers various regional routes, this model continues to serve as a reliable workhorse in the aviation industry.

1995 Fairchild Dornier 328-120: Elevated Excellence

In 1995, the Fairchild Dornier 328-120 emerged as an upgraded version of its predecessor, setting new standards for regional aviation excellence. Building upon the success of the 328-110, this model introduced enhanced features and modern amenities that elevated the flying experience for both operators and passengers.

One of the standout features of the 328-120 is its improved range, allowing airlines to reach more destinations without compromising on passenger comfort. The aircraft's advanced avionics systems provide pilots with comprehensive situational awareness, enhancing safety and navigation. Inside the cabin, ergonomic design and enhanced amenities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers, making it an attractive option for executive travel and regional transport alike.

1999 Fairchild Dornier 328-110: Timeless Excellence

The 1999 Fairchild Dornier 328-110 carries forward the legacy of excellence that defines the Fairchild Dornier brand. This model takes the best features of its predecessors and incorporates updated technology and performance capabilities, making it a timeless choice for aviation enthusiasts.

One of the key strengths of the 328-110 is its adaptability. This aircraft is well-suited for a range of operations, from short-haul flights to specialized missions such as medical evacuations or cargo transport. Its dependable engines, efficient systems, and robust construction ensure that it remains a reliable asset in various aviation scenarios.

Choose Excellence, Choose Fairchild Dornier

At Mundiaereo Aircraft, we take pride in offering aircraft that stand the test of time. The Fairchild Dornier 328 series embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These models not only offer exceptional performance but also provide versatility that meets the diverse needs of the aviation industry.

Explore our inventory to discover the Fairchild Dornier 328-110 and 328-120 models that align with your aviation requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how these aircraft can enhance your flying experience, whether you're operating a regional airline, charter service, or pursuing specialized missions.

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